From its beginning in 2006, Copayan has developed a successful industrial and commercial activity growing throughout the years and completing the circle between producers, manufacturers, transporters, and salesmen maintaining quality and responsibility.


Located in the East of Uruguay in the Province of Rocha where the climate is template and the landscape of green natural prairies, and multiple streams and rivers, creating a perfect natural environment for cattle raised freely in the open air and fed out of natural pastures. These exceptional conditions allow the unique production of head of cattle and therefore manufactured products such as, chilled and frozen, vacuum packed cuts and excellent quality offals.


From the Province of Rocha, Copayan supplies different markets all over the country.


Since 2012, Copayan has dedicated itself to the continuous improvement of the production procedures, the technologies and the staff.  At that time, the Company had achieved its first trade permits adding new trade markets and aiming new objectives.

The modern facilities and technologies applied in high quality manufacturing procedures allow Copayan to obtain the most complete range of beef products.




Copayan slaughterhouse is Company with 100% of Uruguayan capital dedicated to the slaughtery of bovine cattle and to the industrialization and commercialization of sides, chilled and frozen cuts and offals for the local markets as well as for exportation. The company aims to the satisfaction of the customers, offering a healthy and top-quality production.


Copayan´s cattle suppliers are carefully selected in order to guarantee high quality standards. The company also seeks to spread the technological information available for the cattle breeding area, integrating in this way the whole process to the final production, working together with the cattle breeders, complementing with the manufacturing procedures, with the aim of meeting the quality standards expected.


The activities in the slaughterhouse are carried out with a minimal environmental impact and caring for the safety of the working staff.


All the staff members know and assume their responsibilities needed to achieve the aims of the Company.

These activities create opportunities that will lead us to contribute to the raise of the cattle breeding area, offering our extension service, with the objective of supporting the producer and help optimize the profitability of the cattle industry.

Copayan Slaughterhouse

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