Copayan Slaughter House is committed to the manufacturing of beef products meeting the highest quality and safety standards in food industry. To accomplish this, the company has implemented and documented a complete pre-requisite program.


- Handbook for Standardized Hygiene Operating Procedures.

- Handbook for Good Practice of manufacturing.


In order to guarantee the harmlessness of their products, the Company has a special Plan for the analysis of risks and critical points of control. This plan is implemented and validated for all the stages of the manufacturing process.

These tools are utilized in the manufacturing plant by qualified workers in charge of each process and by technicians responsible of the area (Engineers and Veterinaries), being continuously contrasted with the Livestock Ministry.


Quality Policy


Copayan S.A Slaughter House is a highly competitive Uruguayan Company, committed to the satisfaction of its customers, producing harmless high quality products and assuring that the goods comply with the legal requisites and specifications agreed with the clients and assuming the responsibilities before them.






To satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, aiming to the innovation of products, to the evolution of the quality standards and developing new products according to the latest technological advances.


Developing our activities with a minimal environmental impact and maintaining the working security, as well as fulfilling the Security and Hygiene regulations.






Documenting and implementing a system for the guarantee of the quality of the chilled and frozen products.

To reassure daily the commitment to improve the manufacturing process by prioritizing the incorporation of new technologies and aiming to the constant elevation of the quality standards.


To integrate this policy and inform all the staff involved in activities related to safety, legality and quality of the products.


Careful selection of the suppliers so as to guarantee the maintenance of the quality standards, and working to spread the technical knowledge related to cattle breeding and regulations referred to animal welfare and seeking to integrate to the activities of the protagonists in this business.


Guarantee the respect of the ethic principles and the wellbeing and safety of its employees.

Assume the highest level of commitment and professionalism towards our clients and the whole society.


* BRC / Global Standard Certification / Food Issue 7 / SGS.


* Animal Welfare Certification.


* Angus Verified Breed / Uruguay.


The system relies on the microbiological and physicochemical analysis carried out in the Company´s laboratory, to guarantee a safe and high quality product.


The laboratory has equipment and material suitable for the needs, and supervised by qualified technicians committed with safety and quality in the food industry.


This allows the control of the processes and their continuous improvement in order to achieve the complete harmlessness and high quality standards imposed by the Company.

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